Anchin Events

Anchin Art Show

Art show in the TECO room. Our Common Thread: Art and Education United, art exhibit presented by the David C. Anchin Center, October 5-9, 2015.

During USF Homecoming Week, October 5 -9, 2015 the Anchin Center presents an Art Exhibit in TECO Hall featuring the work of Isabel Anchin Becker and other USF and community programs. The exhibit, entitled Our Common Thread: Art and Education United, recognizes that the arts have an incredible power to stimulate creativity, provoke thought, and drive inquiry. For most students, artistic pursuits enable them to express understandings and feelings in ways that promote both intellectual and social-emotional growth. The Anchin Family has had a passion for arts across generations. Their recognition of the importance of arts in our society has set the stage for this Art Exhibit. Exhibitors include Isabel Anchin Becker, daughter of David and Anne Anchin; Kassie O'Brien, great grand-daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Anchin; K-12 Students from Hillsborough County Public Schools; USF Preschool for Creative Learning 3-4 year classrooms; FCIT Student Films from Tampa Theatre Film Camp; and VSA Florida and VSA arts of Nigeria: My Home, Our World. Other works were contributed by the Anchin Center's collection of Anne Anchin's art work, and by the USF Contemporary Art Museum via an interactive white board.