Meet the Personal Trainers


Personal Trainer Desiree


Major: Double major in Psychology & Criminology

Certifications: AFAA Group Fitness Instructor, ACE Personal Trainer, Turbo Kick® LIVE Instructor, and Keiser M3 Indoor Cycling Instructor

Favorite Exercise: Deadlifts

Training Philosophy: I believe in training the movements that are essential to everyday life. By training your body to work better, you are able to live a life that is more efficient and enjoyable.


Personal Trainer Karianne


Major: Nursing, with a minor in general public health

Certifications: NASM-CPT, SCW Core Specialist Trainer

Favorite Exercise: Goblet Squat

Training Philosophy: I believe that the only person you should be better than is the person you were yesterday. My job is to be a guide and motivator for clients to reach this goal as well as set up a pathway for them to push themselves to live healthier and happier lives in the future.


Personal Trainer Luis


Major: Psychology, with a minor in Chemistry

Certifications: ACE-CPT

Favorite Exercise: Barbell Deadlifts

Training Philosophy: Old school methodology of training, through traditional compound movements creating the link between body and mind; [strengthening/producing] a stable foundation for growth.


Personal Trainer Michael


Major: Industrial Engineering

Certifications: ACE-CPT

Favorite Exercise: Pull-Ups

Training Philosophy: My philosophy is to advocate success and avoid exercise plateaus by periodically changing and evolving each workout. My objective is to help my clients obtain their exercise goals while also maintaining high levels of balance, flexibility, and overall fitness.



Personal Trainer Nicole


Major: Criminology

Certifications: NASM-CPT

Favorite Exercise: Pushup

Training Philosophy: My goal is to use exercise to safely improve stabilization, strength and endurance, while simultaneously showing that fitness can be functional and fun for everybody.


Personal Trainer Rene


Major: Anthropology

Certifications: NSCA-CPT

Favorite Exercise: Running Outside

Training Philosophy: I believe exercise should be a safe, fun, and effective experience for everybody. As your personal trainer you can count on me to help you develop a strong foundation for physical activity that you can build on for the rest of your life.


Christine Sherry


Bio coming soon!


D'Shaun Adams


Bio coming soon!