Remove Immunization/Medical History Hold

To remove an IM / MH hold:

  1. Make sure you have completed and submitted a signed Mandatory Immunization History Form along with your immunization records and that there is no missing information.
  2. Log in to your OASIS account and view your immunization records (under Registration & Records). It will list which items are missing.
  3. Locate records of missing items and send them to us via mail, email, fax or online submission, or you can come into the Student Health clinic to get the vaccination shots and they will immediately be entered into your record.

Returning students with IM/MH holds

USF regulations have changed in recent years and it is possible that your previously submitted records do not meet the new requirements. Log in to your OASIS account, go to Personal Records, and view what is listed. If you do see a hold, you will need to update the records listed as missing. You will need to have on file immunization documentation for: