Need Coverage? USF Insurance Policy Information

Need coverage or to re-enroll?
The Student Medical Insurance Plan (SMIP) is affordable health insurance coverage for USF students. You can sign up online at the beginning of each semester and purchase a semester- or year-long plan, whichever fits your needs.

Which plan should I sign up for: Voluntary, GA or Mandated?

Voluntary Plan
You are eligible for the Voluntary Plan if you are a:

Voluntary Plan Benefits Information  (enroll here)
Voluntary Plan Brochure
Voluntary Plan Flyer

*All students listed above are eligible for insurance under the primary plan unless mandated or supported by their college or department (see list below).

GA/TA/RA or University Sponsored Plan
GA/TA/RA or University Sponsored Plan Brochure
GA/TA/RA or University Sponsored FAQ
GA/TA/RA or University Sponsored Plan Flyer

You are eligible for the GA plan if you are:
- Graduate, Research or Teaching Assistant, (enroll here)
(Info on Subsidy Program)

If you are University Sponsored Non-GA Enrollment:
-Student/Scholar funded by your department/scholarship / grant (enroll here)

Mandated Plan
Mandated Plan Brochure
Mandated Plan FAQ
Mandated Plan Flyer

You are eligible for the Mandated/Supported Plan if you are enrolled in/as:
- College of Marine Science
- College of Medicine
- College of Pharmacy
- Intercollegiate Athlete
-International Student on Optional Practical Training or Curricular Practical Training
- Wellness USF Student Employees
Above listed populations enroll here

- International student
- Study Abroad / Exchange Program
- Visiting Scholar
Above populations enroll at SHS Insurance Office