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Writing Contest call for proposals

USF is an engaged, global research university dedicated to excellence in education, research, service and outreach in the local community and around the world. Not only does the university engage with partners across borders, but the world is also brought to USF with more than 4,500 international students and scholars on campus and is expanding every semester. Together we are building global citizens of the future.

To enter this writing contest, applicants will need to describe the ways in which their academic and extracurricular experiences at USF have been enriched by working, living and studying alongside peers from around the world. Whether that experience was in a classroom setting, finishing up assignments outside of class, or through his or her co-curricular life.

If you are an international student, discuss how working, studying and living with domestic students has impacted your educational experience. What aspects of the university life has helped you grow and succeed -- diversity, small class sizes, residential communities, student organizations and leadership opportunities, multidisciplinary research, and so on?

If you are a domestic student, focus on the different benefits of studying alongside international students on a global campus. Have you completed an Education Abroad experience? Explain how the program has contributed to your curriculum and the benefits received from it.

All in all, how has your understanding of the world been enriched by your academic peers?



Applicants must:




By entry to this writing contest, you allow your information to be shared on various university-wide materials.


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