Priorities & Initiatives

Mission & Vision


The College of Arts and Sciences is the intellectual heart of the University of South Florida. We are a community of teachers and scholars united in the belief that broadly educated people are the basis of a just, free and prosperous society. By focusing on the big questions facing all of humanity, we prepare students for successful personal and professional lives. By conducting innovative, interdisciplinary research and scholarship, we advance knowledge in ways that prepare us to address vexing social problems and enhance the quality of life for people and communities.


The College of Arts and Sciences aspires to be a national model for integrating the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences into a dynamic, trans-disciplinary entity focused on knowledge generation, global problem solving, skills development and real-world applications. We will nurture academic success for a diverse population by creating engaging, inclusive learning environments that prepare students for productive personal and professional lives as global citizens. Through innovative, interdisciplinary research, creative activities and mutually beneficial community partnerships, the college is seeking to become a global leader in scholarship that addresses vexing social and environmental challenges and consequently enhances the quality of life for all.