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Our Deans

Magali Michael

Magali Cornier Michael, PhD
Interim College Dean
Professor of English
Tampa campus

Thomas Smith

Thomas W. Smith, PhD
Campus Dean
Professor of Political Science
St. Petersburg campus

Paul Kirchman

Paul Kirchman, PhD
Campus Dean
Professor of Biology
Sarasota-Manatee campus


Name Position Contact
Jay Donoho Manager of Fiscal and Business Administration (813) 974-6864
Candice Cohens Fiscal & Business Analyst  
TBA Fiscal & Business Analyst  
Leidy Feinman Jaimes Fiscal & Business Analyst  
Xiomara Enamorado Fiscal & Business Analyst  
Ana Torres Olaya Fiscal & Business Analyst  
Matthew Lammers Fiscal & Business Analyst  
Christopher Sanders Fiscal & Business Analyst  
Nathan Wyatt Fiscal & Business Specialist  
Jared Wengender Fiscal & Business Specialist  
Aye Aye Sint Fiscal & Business Specialist  


Name Position Phone
Daisy Matos Sr. Dept. Operations Manager  
Paige Romero Unit Research Administrator  
Jamie Gonzalez Administrative Specialist  


Name Position Phone
Anna Mayor Director for Communications and Marketing (813) 974-2261
Cindy Stonehouse Events & Conference Manager (813) 396-0281
Alexis Brickner Events & Conference Coordinator (813) 974-4321
Ashley Wilson Event Specialist  
Michelle Holden Communications & Marketing Officer (813) 974-7571
Elisa Hussain Communications & Marketing Officer  
Alessandra Casanova Senior Designer (813) 974-1631
Angie Urrea Graphic Designer  
Dakota Galvin Social Media Coordinator  
Corey Lepak Multimedia Producer  


Name Position Phone
Dominique Williams Office Administrator and Assistant to the Dean (813) 974-6446
Shelby Martin-Vegue Staff Assistant (813) 974-2804
Tangela Serls Special Advisor to the Dean on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion  
(Mary) Bridget Nickens Executive Assistant to the Dean
St. Petersburg campus
(727) 873-4790
Harriett Fletcher Staff Assistant
St. Petersburg campus
(727) 873-4156


Name Title Phone
Kelly Addington Senior Director of Development (813) 974-5764
Anyssa Hining Director of Development (813) 974-4072
Jennifer Morgan Associate Director of Development (813) 974-8478
Ann Serota Advancement Administrator (813) 974-3200
Yasmine Cabrera Scholarship Specialist (813) 974-0306
Grace Partridge Stewardship & Student Success Coordinator (813) 974-3572


Name Title Phone
Josh Broer Facility Manager (Arts) (813) 974-0834
Bruce Smith Facility Manager (Sciences) (813) 974-2555
Alexis Moran Soto Shipping & Receiving Clerk  


Name Title Phone
Toru Shimizu Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs (813) 974-2804
Michelle Maldonado Administrative Specialist -FAIR Liaison (813) 974-6538
Martin Seggelke Tenure and Promotion, Scheduler
St. Petersburg campus
(727) 873-4615
Jessica Lauteria Faculty Recruiter (813) 974-1059
Claudine Boniec Faculty Services Administrator  


Name Title Phone
Daniel Kanouff Assistant Dean for Finance and Administration (813) 974-6827
Kim Miller Business Manager
St. Petersburg campus
(727) 873-4365

E&G Budget Allocations and Resource Management

Name Title Phone
Sonia Manna Budget Analyst (813) 974-3194
Jamee Stiffler Budget Analyst (813) 974-0775
Donna Hanney Fiscal and Business Analyst II  
Kaylee Kaufman Fiscal and Business Specialist  

Auxiliary Operations, Student Fees, USF Foundation, and Audit and Compliance

Name Title Phone
Rick Barnett Budget Analyst and Staff Accountant (813) 974-3384

Human Resources

Name Title Phone
Angela Lucas HR Assistant Director (813) 974-4525
Andrea Tamayo HR Administrator (813) 974-9102
Jenna Berry HR Unit Coordinator  
Jennifer Woroner HR Administrator
St. Petersburg campus
(727) 873-4157
Radhika Dang Unit HR Coordinator 
St. Petersburg campus
(727) 873-4205



Name Title Phone
Robert Potter Senior Associate Dean  
Allison Cleveland-Roberts Associate Dean  
Susan Toler, PhD Associate Dean
St. Petersburg campus
Autumn Mueller Director of Advising  

Graduate Information

Name Title Phone
Stephanie Hill Academic Program Specialist  
Lisa Mirabal Senior Academic Program Specialist  

Undergraduate Information

Name Title Phone
Sue Gramby Academic Services Administrator  
Marlene Swank Academic Services Administrator  
Kelly Pearson Academic Services Administrator  
Estela Matthews Office Manager  

Academic Services/Special Projects

Name Title Phone
Teresa Patriarco Director of Enrollment Planning and Analytics  
Erin Sutliff Director, Academic Planning & Online Initiatives  

Academic Integrity Review Board Staff

Name Title Phone
Kelly Pearson Academic Services Administrator  
Allison Cleveland-Roberts Associate Dean  


Name Title Phone
Catherine Koziol Internship Coordinator
St. Petersburg campus
(727) 873-4176


Name Title Phone
Randy Larsen Associate Dean for Research and Scholarship (813) 974-9582
Dianne Donnelly Assistant Dean for Narrative Proposal & Revisions (813) 974-4025
Carissa Vetromile Assistant Dean for Research Performance Metrics Analytics (813) 974-9149
Karissa Dailey Senior Unit Research Administrator (813) 974-7048
Erin Jensen Senior Unit Research Administrator (813) 974-7048
Kevin Williams Budget Analyst (813) 974-3602
Nicole Brand ECORE System Director  

Botanical Gardens

Name Title Phone
Craig Huegel Director, Botanical Gardens  
Angelika Kirkham Program Assistant  
Allyson Yap Cashier  
Frank Manna Superintendent of Grounds  
Tom Cook Sr. Groundskeeper  


Name Position Phone
Jen Schaefer Web Content Administrator  
Jeffrey Stoddard IT Support Specialist  
Jay Justin Client Support Specialist