Dean's Student Leadership Society (DSLS)

Dean's Student Leadership Society (DSLS)

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The purpose of this highly selective group of College of Arts and Sciences students is to promote pride in a liberal arts education and to assist in strengthening the identity of both the College of Arts and Sciences and the University of South Florida. These students further develop their leadership and communication skills while serving as a link between CAS students, administration and alumni.

This society strives to promote a sense of community among all CAS students through student-led programs, including student organization socials, workshops designed for graduating seniors, and opportunities for all students to interact with the Dean. DSLS members serve as mentors to incoming freshmen, and this summer they will be involved in Freshman Orientation.

The Dean's Student Leadership Society represents the College of Arts and Sciences at a variety of events, including scholarship banquets, alumni reunions, USF Family Weekend, Freshman Orientation, public lectures and Homecoming. In addition, they serve as hosts when alumni and prospective students visit campus.

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