DSLS Freshman Mentoring Program

DSLS Freshman Mentoring Program

The DSLS Freshman Mentorship

The DSLS Freshman Mentoring Program is designed to make the transition to USF a smooth and successful one. Freshman will be paired with mentors who are able to give them the resources needed to begin their college career! The mentors are students from the College of Arts and Sciences, Dean's Student Leadership Society (DSLS). The DSLS is an exclusive group of students serving as prestigious student representatives for the college.

    Benefits of Being a Mentee

    By being mentored, you will have available resources for information, networking opportunities, support for academic success, and a prospective DSLS membership.

      How to Apply

      To be matched please fill out the mentee application form. The mentee application form and the bios of our current members (who will be serving as CAS mentors) can be found at the links provided. Please submit the completed form to John Cranston at jcranston@usf.edu AND cc Navya Jampani at jampanin@usf.edu.

      For more information

      Please visit our Facebook page (USF DSLS) or email us at cas-dsls@usf.edu to learn more. Please note: The spots for this mentorship program are on a first-come-first-serve basis, once mentorship positions have filled up, applications will no longer be accepted.