Beekeeping Certification

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2022-2023 BeeKeeping Class
Monthly November 19, 2022 - October 21, 2023 
Time: 10:00-12:30 

Registration is complete with:  payment, completed registration form, signed liability waiver Participants under 18 must have parent signature

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Course Outline - No change in December class meeting date
UpDATEd                                   LECTURE                                                   HIVE
11/19/22                              Introduction to Bees                               First look inside the hive
12/17/22 (Potluck)              Integrated Pest Management (IPM)     Reading a Frame
01/28/23 (Order Hive Kit)  Setting up Your Apiary                           In-hive Basic Inspection
02/25/23                              Hive Building                                            None 
03/25/23 (Order Bees)       Swarm Control                                        Hiving Your Bees 
04/29/23                              NO LECTURE - Pick Up Nucs                  Installing Nucs/Re-queening 
05/27/23                              Q&A, Swarm Control                               Making splits 
06/24/23                              Queen Biology                                         Re-queening 
07/22/23                              Varroa destructor                                   Varroa Counts & Treatment 
08/26/23                              Apiary Maintenance Day – Inspecting woodware, cleaning,       repairing, replacing, painting, etc. 
09/23/23                              Honey Extraction, Bottling, Labeling    Honey Extraction 
10/28/23                              Winter Preparations, Q&A                     Inspections and Q&A

Course Costs
Course:  $200  
Starter Kit: Veil, Smoker and Hive Tool:  $115
Hive Kit: 10 Foundation Hive Kit (unassembled): $165 
Nuc with Bees:  $270 (includes $50 refundable  Nuc deposit)
Total Investment: $750 (includes $50 refundable  Nuc deposit)

All supplies may be purchased from the USF Botanical Gardens.  See purchase links, options, and deadlines described below. 

Purchase Options 
Registration Link Options:  Purchase Deadline for each option:  11/4/22
    Registration only: $200; Garden Member: $180  
    Registration +  Supply Bundle (all supplies at 10% discount):  $700
    Registration + Starter Kit: $315
Individual Supply Purchase Options:
    Starter Kit: $115,   New Purchase Deadline:  12/2/22  *LAST CHANCE*
    Hive Kit: $165,  Purchase Deadline:  01/31/23 
    Nuc/Bees:  $270 (includes $50 refundable Nuc deposit), Purchase Deadline: 03/31/23

Messer Family Award

Anyone can have the opportunity to participate in our course through the Messer Family Award. To become an applicant, submit a personal statement -500 words or less - on why urban beekeeping is important to you and the community. Personal statements must be submitted to before November 1st at 11:59 pm. The Messer Family Award recipient will be notified over email the week of November 4th.

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