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yoga in the gardens

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National Moth Week Event

Moths at Night

July 27th, 9 p.m.–11 p.m.


Join us under the stars for National Moth Week! Discover the enchanting world of moths as the USF Botanical Gardens present a captivating introduction to these diverse Lepidoptera. Take a memorable stroll through our illuminated gardens, immersing yourself in the mesmerizing beauty of these often-overlooked insects. Learn about their fascinating life cycles, some of their unique evolutionary adaptations, some of the vital roles they play in our ecosystems, and how you can attract and support conservation of these undervalued insects. At our event, we will have 2 simple light stations set up, and we will collect and submit photos to help direct conservation efforts. Join us for an unforgettable experience celebrating National Moth Week! 

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Beginner's Guide to Propagating Plants


August 24th, 9:00am-10:30am

Propagating your own plants from seeds, cuttings, or by air layering is an economical and enjoyable way to add to your plant collection. In this program, Dr. Craig Huegel will share his experiences and demystify the different approaches used to propagate everything from wildflower and vegetable seeds to stems and branches of woody plants. Join us for this hands-on and practical program!

Plant Festivals


October 12th–13th, 9am- 3pm
Open to members at 8:30am

  • $10 Admission
  • Free for Members & USF ID
  • Children under 12 are free!

Vendors TBA!


April 12th–13th, 9am- 3pm
Open to members at 8:30am

  • $10 Admission
  • Free for Members & USF ID
  • Children under 12 are free!

Vendors TBA!

plants at the Plant Festival



2023-2024 Beekeeping Class

Monthly November 4, 2023 - October 5, 2024

REGISTRATION for the 2024-2025 Class will open in September 2024.

Registration is complete with: payment, completed registration form, signed liability waiver Participants under 18 must have parent signature.

Return Registration Forms to USF Botanical Gardens.            

Course Outline
Date Lecture Hive
11/4/23 Introduction to Bees First look inside the hive
12/2/23 (Potluck)   Integrated Pest Management (1PM) Reading a Frame
01/06/24 Setting up Your Apiary In-hive Basic Inspection
02/03/24  Hive Building None
03/02/24 Swarm Control Hiving Your Bees
04/06/24 NO LECTURE - Pick Up Nucs Installing Nucs/Re-queening
05/04/23 Q&A, Swarm Control Making splits
06/01/24 Queen Biology Re-queening
07/06/24 Mead Making  
08/03/24 Varroa Destructor

Varroa Counts & Treatment

09/03/24 Honey Extraction, Bottling, and Labeling Honey Extraction 
10/05/24 Winter Preparations, Q&A Inspections and Q&A

Course Costs

Registration: $200; Garden Member: $180  

Submit liability waiver and registration form to USF Botanical Gardens with confirmation of your registration payment.

Please be aware that supplies are not included and must be purchased separately.


Anyone can have the opportunity to participate in our course through the Messer Family Award. To become an applicant, submit a personal statement—500 words or less - on why urban beekeeping is important to you and the community. Personal statements must be submitted to before November 5 at 11:59pm. The Messer Family Award recipient will be notified over email the week of November 7.

This award will assist with course expenses for individuals interested in pursuing beekeeping as well as show a committed effort to increase urban beekeeping in the local community. Expenditures awarded from this fund will be used for but not limited to course registration costs, the purchase of course educational materials and required supplies.