Shop for Plants:

The USF Botanical Gardens Plant Shop is open during regular business hours.  We offer beautiful and unusual plants, most propagated from our collections.  Plants include, orchids, hoyas, cactus, succulents, ferns, butterfly plants as well as native plants.  The proceeds from the sale of plants, tee shirts, local honey, etc. help to support the Gardens.

The Gardens accepts MasterCard, VISA, Diner's Club, Discover, Apple Pay, Google Pay and cash.

flowers in the shop

Eden's Nectar

Eden's Nectar represents our local beekeepers and markets their product direct to you through the USF Botanical Gardens. In conjunction with the West Central Florida Beekeeper's Co-op, Eden's Nectar is able to bring the most beneficial and best tasting product to your table.

There are four seasons of honey to choose from: Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter. The beekeepers in Central Florida are a vital part of the agricultural process to produce crops, beekeepers move their hives to fields and groves to pollinate plants seasonally, this process produces honey from a wide assortment of nectars, and because the beekeepers lighten their hives of honey before moving to a new location this produces what we call "seasonal" honey.

Eden's products

Seasonal Honey:
Spring (February – May), Summer (May – August), Fall (August – November) & Winter (November – February).

  • 12 oz Bear $9.00
  • 22 oz. Jar $15.00
  • 42 oz. Jar $24.00

Specialty Honey: (limited availability)

  • ½ lb. 100% pure Bee Pollen $13.00
  • 12 oz. Bear - Seasonal Infused Honey – Kumquat (winter only), Blueberry (summer only) or Pumpkin Spice (fall only)

Honey Stix

honey stix

Wild clover honey to which all natural flavors are added. We carry 22 flavors from habanero to peach. Great for sampling and carrying for a quick pick-me-up.  3 stix $1.

USF Botanical Gardens Bee Smart Honey

From our own USF Apiary!  This honey is extracted periodically throughout the year and quantities are limited. 

  • 12 ounce $12