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Im/migrant Well-Being: A Nexus for Research and Policy 

Biannual Conference 

The Conference on Im/migrant Well-Being seeks to bridge the gap between academic studies and immigration policies by bringing together scholars from diverse backgrounds—both disciplinary and biographical—and community partners. Conference participants will critically explore the potential of engaged scholarship through a focus on im/migrant well-being. Organizations like the CDC, the NIH, and the UN emphasize well-being—including social, emotional, relational, economic, psychological, and physical well-being—as critical for both creating public policies and analyzing their impact. To ensure this global mission explicitly addresses the needs of excluded peoples in contemporary empirical and policy-making approaches, our conference proposes im/migrant well-being as a thematic nexus for research from the humanities, applied sciences, and social sciences, as well as for the work of community organizations.

This conference aims to attract a broad and interdisciplinary audience of scholars on immigration, minoritized groups and identities, intersectionality, public policy and public administration, public health and health sciences, media studies, political sociology, and social movements, among others.