USF St. Pete

The program of Anthropology at USFSP.

BA degree at USFSP Anthropology

Our class sizes are small to ensure that you receive a quality education with faculty who have the time to ensure your interests are met. Our faculty stress the four-field approach to anthropology emphasizing equally cultural, biological, linguistic, and archaeological studies, with particular geographical interest in Latin America and Africa.

We strive to develop student skills in the following areas:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Communication including interpersonal skills, cultural sensitivity, public speaking, and writing skills
  • Research
  • Civic Engagement

Our Graduates

Careers as librarians, teachers, small business owners, social workers, state park employees, physical therapists, contract archaeologists, and novelists.

Peace Core volunteers
Internships at the Dali, Third Millennium Alliance, Kew Botanical Gardens London, and the Department of Homeland Security
Graduate school attendance at the University of Arkansas, University of British Columbia, University of Florida, George Washington University, University College London, Michigan State, Northern Illinois University, North Carolina Chapel Hill, University of South Florida Tampa, University of Vienna, Wake Forest, and William and Mary Awarded the Florida Anthropological Society Dorothy Moore Student Grant, the Leland M. Hawes award in Florida History for best undergraduate paper, and the USFSP Center for Science and Policy for Coastal Environment undergraduate Research funding Initiative


Anthropology Student Adisor
John Arthur
Office: Davis 270
Phone: 727-873- 4960