USF St. Petersburg campus

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As part of OneUSF, Anthropology at the St Petersburg campus focuses on preparing students for careers in Applied Anthropology.  Our graduates can draw on their research, writing, and communication skills and apply anthropological knowledge to create new solutions for real world problems. Anthropology specialties at USF St. Petersburg also inspire careers that examine how humans implement their cultures and heritages to manage our natural resources and landscapes to address the challenges of the 21st century.

Students are encouraged to engage in a variety of anthropological projects with St. Petersburg faculty, such as working with South Asian communities to build sustainable coastal environments, excavating archaeological sites at nearby Weedon Island to examine local histories of natural resource management, studying the connection between Pacific Island traditional plant knowledge and ecological consciousness, and learning how sacred landscapes provide healing in Africa in the aftermath of disasters.

Students can curate their experience to their research interests with a variety of internship opportunities that are available. Students have secured internships at prestigious organizations and agencies such as the Dalí Museum, St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts, Third Millennium Alliance in Ecuador, Kew Botanical Gardens in London, Smithsonian Digital Volunteers, the city of St. Petersburg, the Capital Collateral Regional Counsel, the Department of Homeland Security, and the International Union for Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences.

Additional extracurricular opportunities include participation in the Anthropology Club, Lambda Alpha National Anthropology Honors Society, USFSP Weedon Island Archaeology Lab, and the EcoFem Lab.