Alumni News

Over the past four decades, the Department of Anthropology has successfully transformed hundreds of B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. students into valued alumni. These graduates have gone on to successful careers in academia, public service, and the private sector.

As of October 2018, USF has conferred 523 graduate degrees in Applied Anthropology (188 PhD and 335 MA). MA graduates typically obtain jobs in anthropology-related professions, in the private consulting sector, for government programs (often in health-care fields) or in the public sector (museums, teaching, public education, social services etc.). PhD graduates move into academia, research positions for government agencies, or in a variety of other areas.

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Lauren Johnson

Congratulations to Dr. Lauren Johnson, an alum of our program, and recent department head for Culture, Language, and Leadership at the University of North Georgia, on her new appointment to the position of Assistant Dean for the College of Education.


Check out this great story about alum Dr. Ryan Logan, now Assistant Professor of Anthropology at California State Univ. Stanislaus, who will be bringing an anthropological lens to COVID-19 to his classes this fall. Read Article

Jason Wilson

Dr. Jason W. Wilson (medical anthropologist and USF alum/instructor/researcher/PhD student) comments on the current clinical & epidemiological COVID19 situation in Tampa. Watch Video

Jose Peña

Congratulations to Summer 2020 PhD graduate, Dr. Jose Peña. He is currently an Instructor in the Department of Modern Languages at the University of Arizona.

Mika Kadono

Congratulations to Summer 2020 PhD graduate, Dr. Mika Kadono. She just accepted a position as Research Program Manager at the Institute for Health Equity at AltaMed, a Federally Qualified Health Center in California

Charlotte Noble

Dr. Charlotte Noble (USF Anthropology PhD 2019) is now Assistant Professor at the University of North Texas Health Science Center School of Public Health.

Maisha Standifer

Congrats to Dr. Maisha Standifer (USF Anthropology PhD 2016), the new director of Health Policy in the Satcher Health Leadership Institute at the Morehouse School of Medicine in Atlanta.


Jonathan Barkmeier, Advisor: Jonathan Bethard
Jessica Gantzert, Advisor: Diane Wallman
Kelsi Kuehn, Advisor: Jonathan Bethard
Tracy Lovingood, Advisor: Diane Wallman
April Min, Advisor: Antoinette Jackson
Dina Rivera, Advisor: Diane Wallman
Jaime Sykes, Advisor: Erin Kimmerle
Amanda Ward, Advisor: Thomas Pluckhahn

Clarisse Barbier, Advisor: Tara Deubel
Richard Bargielski, Advisor: Christian Wells
Kanan Mehta, Advisor: Heide Castañeda
Katherine Shakour, Advisor: Thomas Pluckhahn
Jacqueline Siven (PhD/MPH), Advisor: Heide Castañeda
Melina Taylor (PhD/MPH), Advisor: Tara Deubel

Rohan D. Jeremiah

Great news piece profiling USF Anthropology alum Dr. Rohan D. Jeremiah, now Associate Professor in Community Health Sciences at University of Illinois at Chicago. Dr. Jeremiah graduated from USF in 2012 with a dissertation project on "Interrogating Grenadian Masculinities and Violence Against Women: An Evaluation of the United Nations Partnership for Peace Program."

Carylanna Taylor

USF Anthropology Alum Dr. Carylanna Taylor has a new piece in Anthropology News on how she applies anthropology as a filmmaker. Read Article

Fall 2019 Graduates

Sean Litteral, Advisor: Diane Wallman
Emily Baker, Advisor: Elizabeth Miller
Sarita Panchang (MA/PhD COPH), Advisor: Linda Whiteford

Charlotte Noble, Advisor: David Himmelgreen

Rebecca Campbell-Montalvo

Dr. Rebecca Campbell-Montalvo (USF PhD 2016, now at University of Connecticut) recently published this piece based on her dissertation research in the journal "Race Ethnicity and Education" Read Article

Summer 2019 Graduates

Breanne Casper, Advisor: Daniel Lende
Kris-An Hinds, Advisor: Tara Deubel
Emily Holbrook, Advisor: Roberta Baer

Danielle Rosen, Advisor: Roberta Baer

Paola Gonzalez

 Congratulations to two award winners at the 2019 USF Hispanic Heritage Celebration Awards Breakfast, Paola Gonzalez (MA/MPH alumna) received the USF Status of Latinos (SoL) Alumni Award and William Lucas (PhD/MPH student in Anthropology) received the Latino Graduate Fellow Award from the USF Office of Graduate Studies. Well-deserved, Paola and William, you make us proud!!

Sarah Smith 

Read about Dr. Sarah Smith's (PhD 2014, now Assistant Professor of Public Health and Co-Director of the Health Disparities Institute at SUNY Old Westbury) research on birth migration to Guam, featured in the latest edition of Youth Circulations! Read more

Jennifer Webb

Jennifer Webb, a graduate of our MA program in Applied Anthropology who is now a State Representative (District 69) in the Florida House of Representatives, is seeking both policy fellows and a legislative aide. She writes: “I spent three years identifying broad policy areas and solutions that unite my district regardless of party, income, etc. these four broad categories are: environment, education, mental health/substance use, and economy/workers. I am currently looking for an aide who is interested in (mental) health care/substance use policy and policy impacting local businesses and workers." read more

Spring 2019 GRADUATES

photos of gradutes with their advisors

Clockwise: Dr. Tykot with Ashley Maxwell, Dr. Whiteford with Dana Ketcher, and Dr. Wells with Anthony Tricarico

Ryan Logan, Advisor: Heide Castañeda
Dana Ketcher, Advisors: Linda Whiteford and Heide Castañeda
Anthony Tricarico, Advisor: Christian Wells
Ashley Maxwell, Advisor: Robert Tykot

Cheyenne Wagi (MA/MPH), Advisor: David Himmelgreen