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Poster Guidelines

The following table provides specific guidelines and information concerning poster formation. For your convenience, Microsoft Powerpoint templates are available for download. It is recommended that these be used when constructing your poster, as they are pre-sized. Poster printing services for USF students are available via the USF Print Shop in the Marshall Center. Ordering instructions and detailed pricing can be found here


Poster Size Restrictions (Width x Height)

Undergraduate Graduate (Larger by Committee approval)

36” x 24” 36” x 24”
  36” x 48”


Poster Templates (for download)
Dimensions Template (MS Powerpoint .pot file)
36” x 24” Poster Template 36 x 24
48” x 36” Poster Template 48 x 36


Pricing by printing center

Dimensions Cost @ Pro-Copy
36” x 24” $25.50
36” x 48” $51
Custom Request quote through email
Additional Information
 5219 E. Fowler Ave.
Tampa, FL 33617
Tel: 813-974-9923
Pro-Copy Checklist


USF Official Colors and Logos

Green Gold

 USF green

 USF gold 


RGB: 0,103,71

HEX: #006848

RGB: 207,196,147

HEX: #d6caa0

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