Chemistry Majors

The Department of Chemistry offers two Bachelor of Arts degrees and four Bachelor of Science degrees. Each degree is outlined to provide University of South Florida students with a thorough understanding in chemistry as they pursue post-graduate work. For more information regarding individual degrees please use the links on the below.

Chemistry B.A.

The B.A. degree in Chemistry provides a course of study for students whose careers will require a thorough understanding of chemistry required for a variety of professional activities such as in health-related professions, science teaching, business, law and other areas. Inherent in this program is a high degree of flexibility which permits tailoring a course of study to the students own educational objectives.

Chemistry B.S.

The Chemistry B.S. is a rigorous program that supplies the foundation in chemistry required for both the student who begins a chemical vocation immediately upon graduation as well as the one who pursues advanced study in chemistry or related areas. In accordance with this goal, the curriculum meets the requirements for degree certification by the American Chemical Society.

Environmental Chemistry

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Environmental Chemistry is designed to provide students with an undergraduate degree in Chemistry including State Mandated Prerequisites in addition to core courses found in a General Chemistry degree. While emphasis is on a chemistry foundation, additional core and elective courses focus on environmental science and the application of practical scientific knowledge to meet employer needs. This major is hosted on

Biomedical Sciences

The Biomedical Sciences B.S. degree serves as a gateway into a variety of health-professional programs and is designed to fulfill many of the admissions requirements for professional schools in the Health Sciences (e.g. Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry). This degree provides the flexibility to choose advanced-level science coursework based on academic and professional interests.

Interdisciplinary Sciences

The Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences (INS) B.S. degree offers flexibility for the student interested in the broad spectrum of natural sciences. A Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences requires the student to take the introductory sequence in all of the 5 natural Sciences: Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Mathematics, and Physics. After that, the program is quite flexible.

Medical Technology

USF offers a BS degree in Medical Technology, which includes three years of study on campus and a fourth year of internship at one of three participating hospitals: Tampa General (Tampa), Bayfront Health (St. Petersburg), and St. Vincent's Medical Center (Jacksonville).