Chemistry Minor

Requirements for Minor in Chemistry

Required Chemistry Courses (14 hours)
Course Number Course Name Credits
CHM 2045 General Chemistry I 3
CHM 2045L General Chemistry I Lab 1
CHM 2046 General Chemistry II 3
CHM 2046L General Chemistry II Lab 1
CHM 2210 Organic Chemistry I 3
CHM 2210L Organic Chemistry I Lab 2
CHM 4060 Use of Chemical Literature 1
Required Chemistry Electives (10 hours)

Choose 10 hours of courses from the following list:
NOTE: In all laboratory classes, the lecture is PR/CR.

Course Number Course Name Credits Notes

CHM 2211 Organic Chemistry II 3
CHM 2211L Organic Chemistry II Lab 2
BCH 3023L Biochemistry Lab 2
BCH 3053 General Biochemistry 3
BCH 4033 Advanced Biochemistry I 3
BCH 4034 Advanced Biochemistry II 3
CHM 3120C Elementary Analytical Chemistry 4
CHM 3610 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry 3
CHM 3610L Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry Lab 1
CHM 4230 Spectroscopic Analysis of Compounds 3
CHM 4274 Introduction to Drug Discovery 3
CHM 4292 Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry 3
CHM 4300 Biomolecules 3
CHM 4307 BioOrganic Chemistry 3
CHM 4410 Physical Chemistry I 4 Fall only
CHM 4410L Physical Chemistry I Lab 1
CHM 4411 Physical Chemistry II 4 Spring only
CHM 4413 Biophysical Chemistry 3 Spring only
CHM 4455 Chemistry of High Polymers 3
CHM 4932 Selected Topics in Chemistry 3
CHS 4300 Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry 3 Fall only
**NOTE: Applicability of the above listed Chemistry courses to the Chemistry minor does NOT guarantee students will be able to enroll in the courses (dependent on the availability of seats).

Important Reminders:

CHM 4932 content varies each semester. Recent topics include: Advanced Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Scientific Computing, Mass Spectrometry, Statistical Mechanics, Organometallic Chemistry, and Supramolecular Chemistry.

CHM 3941 Peer Leading does not count towards the chemistry minor.

All Chemistry majors, including BMS, INS and MET, cannot earn a minor in Chemisry.

Biology majors cannot count Biochemistry & Biochemistry Lab (BCH 3053, BCH 4033, BCH 4034, and BCH 3023L) towards both their major and the Chemistry minor. Students must meet with an advisor to plan additional appropriate coursework.

Students will complete a minimum of 24 total hours. Students can declare Chemistry as their minor using the online Minor Request Application. When a student applies for his or her degree, the student will also indicate on the application that the minor in Chemistry has been completed.