Chemistry Minor

Requirements for Minor in ChemistrY

Chemistry minor requirements may be found in the USF catalog.

Important Reminders:

Applicability of the above listed Chemistry courses to the Chemistry minor does NOT guarantee students will be able to enroll in the courses (dependent on the availability of seats).

CHM 4932 content varies each semester. Recent topics include: Advanced Organic Chemistry, Introduction to Scientific Computing, Mass Spectrometry, Statistical Mechanics, Organometallic Chemistry, and Supramolecular Chemistry.

CHM 3941 Peer Leading does not count towards the chemistry minor.

All Chemistry majors, including BMS, INS and MET, cannot earn a minor in Chemistry.

Students can declare Chemistry as their minor using the online Minor Request Application. When a student applies for his or her degree, the student will also indicate on the application that the minor in Chemistry has been completed. Your minor request might not be permitted if it does not fall within the criteria of the Degree Progression and Completion Deadlines Policy.