Study Abroad

The Department of Chemistry offers three study aboard opportunities: Science in Florence, Athens or Germany. Science in Florence and Athens are available during the Summer term and the Science in Germany program is offered during Spring Break. For more information regarding individual opportunities please use the links on the below.If you are enrolled in a Chemistry Course you can also check the "Chemistry Study Aboard" Module.

USF Science in Florence

Meaningful learning is often best obtained through acute awareness and active experience. Science in Florence offers iterations of several science-major courses. With full-immersion courses in which students investigate and experience chemistry, biochemistry, and other scientific topics and methods of every day life from the perspective of Florence, Italy.

USF Science in Athens

This new Science study abroad program stems from one of USF’s priorities to prepare global STEM graduates that are able to engage meaningfully and effectively with diverse people, places, events, challenges, and opportunities. The program currently offers two courses, Introductory Biochemistry (BCH 3053) and A Walk Across Greece (HIS 3930).

USF Germany Medicinal Chemistry Spring Break

A Medicinal Chemistry-Focused Tour of Germany is unique in that it provides immersion in the science curriculum while simultaneously providing cultural experiences in Heidelberg, Germany. The dual goals of both scientific and cultural educational opportunities for our students will be accomplished by a series of Field Learning Experiences, with the USF faculty members leading the experiences.