The Department of Chemistry received departmental status in the fall of 1964. Prior to that time is was officially listed as Program in Chemistry. In anticipation of a celebration of the 40th anniversary of departmental status, it seemed appropriate to start compiling a department history. Several units are blocked out, and I have been working on these units this year. The results will be posted on our web page as they become available and approved.

The first of these is called Early Days and is awaiting permission for pictures.

The last unit is the section on anecdotes that were obtained from former faculty members.

In addition, I prepared two tables: Table 1 lists faculty members and when they were here. Table 2 lists members of the Department who served in administrative posts.

Inevitably in a project of this magnitude, mistakes can be easily be made, and I shall appreciate having them called to my attention. In addition, all of us will welcome memories and anecdotes. I have enjoyed the ones I received, and I hope for many more.

Dean F. Martin