Sonia Ivancic

Assistant Professor



Office: CIS 3047


Dr. Sonia Rains Ivancic specializes in Organizational and Health Communication and explores the politics and possibilities of creating social change. Questions about how we organize around embodied difference (race, class, gender, etc.) are central to Sonia’s scholarship. Guided by feminist and narrative sensibilities, she analyzes discourses about work, identity, health, and the body, including conversations about food and weight. Her work highlights the role of materiality as it interacts with communication, emphasizing how material objects and places/spaces are consequential for organizations and for mobilizing social change efforts. Sonia’s program of research is interested in understanding how community organizing, storytelling, art, and acts of resistance can reduce inequities and open up spaces for marginalized voices. Simultaneously, her research reveals how organizations and dominant structures/ideologies (such as neoliberalism and globalization) can stymie efforts to create equity and justice.

Sonia’s previous projects focus on contexts such as food justice and food insecurity, artistic social activism, and food policy discourse, paying specific attention to how these interactions and activities produce (classed, raced, gendered) bodies. Her work has appeared in Communication Monographs, Management Communication Quarterly, and Health Communication among other venues.


Organizational Communication, Health Communication, discourses about the body, identity, and work.


Health Communication; Organizational Communication