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Sonia T. Dimitrova


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Phone: 727 504-5898


My name is Sonia Dimitrova.  I am a doctoral candidate in the program of Communication.  I specialize in two tracks-Business Communication and Intercultural Communication.  My educational background includes a Master’s degree in Linguistics and an MBA degree.

My work experience includes both teaching-related and non-teaching related jobs.  I have served in the Armed Forces of two countries.  I have worked in the Veterans’ Affairs Administration and in the Bureau of Labor Statistics.  My teaching-related jobs include teaching languages in the Armed Forces and teaching higher education courses in HCC and UT.  The courses I currently teach are Public Speaking, Speech for Business and the Professions, and International Business.

My skills and interests include knowledge on a different level of mastery of seven languages, including Latin.  I enjoy traveling, reading, learning musical instruments, volunteering and mentoring.

My academic research includes areas such as sustaining ethnic identity, ethic community issues, economic mobility of immigrants, and identity construction through communicative practices.


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