About Us

Vision and Values

The department seeks to educate students in the complexities of historical inquiry, to develop their critical thinking skills, and to improve their understanding of the world around them. We also seek to impart essential workforce skills, such as writing, reading comprehension, and communication. Our research-active faculty teach students about the latest discoveries and theoretical approaches in a range of historical subjects, including: Colonial through modern US history, as well as ancient, medieval, early modern, and modern European history, and Latin America. Our faculty also teach a range of thematic fields, including gender and sexuality, race and ethnicity, global history, public history, science and medicine, and comparative empires.  Our curriculum encourages broad interdisciplinary engagement with related disciplines, such as anthropology, English, art history, geography, sociology, political science, and international relations. Methodologically, we are broad and inclusive, and encourage students to explore analog and digital techniques. The department also fosters close interaction between students and teachers. Our small classes and seminars provide students with a level of individual attention that is unusual for a large state institution. 

Our faculty is committed to the highest standards of research. Our faculty have published in some of the best journals in their field and with some of the top university presses for History. They have also earned research grants, prestigious awards and fellowships, and other recognition for their research. The department has maintained a long tradition of research excellence.

History department faculty provide extensive service not only to the university, college, and department but to the historical profession as well. Faculty serve as referees for journals, presses, awards and granting agencies. They serve on the boards of professional organizations, journals and presses. Brian Connolly is one of the editors of the award-winning journal, History of the Present, which is devoted to history as a critical endeavor. History faculty have served on the USF Graduate Council, USF Undergraduate Council, USF Research Council, CAS Faculty Council, USF Faculty Senate, SHUM and CAS Tenure and Promotion Committees, and on many other college, school, and university committees.