Clinic Director

Dr. Jack Darkes is the Director of the Psychological Services Center and provides supervision for individual adult therapy veterans' issues and alcohol/ substance use issues. Assessments for these services are often done on a provisional basis. Orientation is behavioral and cognitive-behavioral, with a solution-focus.

Clinic Supervisors

Dr. Margaret Booth-Jones offers a specialized supervision group for the evaluation of children and adults seeking assessment for learning disabilities, ADHD and other cognitive or academic challenges.

Dr. Fallon Goodman provides supervision for adult therapy, with a focus on individuals with anxiety and mood disorders. Therapeutic orientation is cognitive-behavioral, with empirically supported techniques drawn from traditional CBT and its extensions (e.g., ACT).

Dr. Kenya King offers child and adolescent therapy and assessment. She has a particular interest in anxiety traumatic stress, and minority mental health. A variety of evidence-based treatments for children and families will be offered, depending on client referrals and student interest.

Dr. Diana Rancourt supervises the Health Behavior specialty group, focusing on the intersection of physical and psychological health. Concerns address include, but are not limited to, sleep concerns, eating disorders, body image concerns, weight control, health anxiety, and medication adherence. Orientations are primarily behavioral and cognitive behavioral. Some assessments are also supervised. 

Dr. Edelyn Verona supervises both Individual therapy and/or skills training group (DBT) for persons with mood swings, impulsivity, self-harm, relationship problems, and personality disorders.

Dr. Kristi Weiner supervises both child and adult therapy with specific focus on anxiety disorders, OCD, and eating disorders. A number of empirically-supported approaches are used, including CBT and ERP, in addition to elements of ACT and DBT. Child assessment supervision may also be available to students in the group. Evidence-based treatments for children and families will be offered, depending on client referrals and student interest.