Faculty Affairs

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Faculty Affairs in the College of Arts & Sciences facilitates work life and advancement throughout the faculty career path, including faculty searches, hires, and appointments; instructor career ladder, tenure, and promotion reviews; Visa applications; leaves of absence; MOUs, transfers of tenure homes, and counteroffers; Emeritus and Distinguished University Professor nominations; and resignations and retirements. With more than 600 full-time faculties in CAS, Faculty Affairs is a very busy office.

Below find contact information and areas of expertise for the Faculty Affairs personnel.

Toru Shimizu 
Associate Dean of Faculty Affairs and Professor of Psychology 
Location: CPR 107
Mailpoint: CPR 107
813.974.5911 FAX
Claudine Boniec
Faculty Services Administrator
Location: CPR 266
Mailpoint: CPR 107
813.974.5911 FAX
Contact Claudine for information on Tenure & Promotion; Instructor Promotion; Mid-Tenure Reviews; Adjunct
appointments; Professional Development Leave; Sabbatical Leave; Faculty Retirements and Resignations; Emeritus
Nominations; Distinguished University Professor Nominations.
Jessica Lauteria
Faculty Recruiter
Location: CPR 268
Mailpoint: CPR 107
813.974.5911 FAX
Contact Jessica for information on CAS faculty searches, letters of offers; search plans and EEO reports; targeted
recruitments; visiting faculty appointments; courtesy faculty
Michelle Maldonado
Administrative Specialist
Location: CPR 262
Mailpoint: CPR 107
813.974.5911 FAX

Contact Michelle for information on Archivum/FAIR's Annual Assignments and Evaluations; CAS faculty Visa issues; faculty transcripts/SACs accreditation.