Christopher F. Meindl, Ph.D.

Associate Professor – Geography
Ph.D. Geography, University of Florida, 1996

(727) 873-4961
DAV 242

I am a geographer, firmly rooted in the human-environment interaction tradition. I am interested in environmental management—particularly the gap between science and policy—especially in water resources such as springs, lakes, rivers, and wetlands. Florida is my regional focus. My methods include occasional qualitative work, field-based data collection, and examination of archival material. My approach often includes a historical dimension. I am a fan of field observation and experience, reading widely, critically analyzing data, and constantly working to improve as a writer.


  • Advanced Regional Geography: Florida

  • Florida Springs

  • Natural Hazards

  • The Human Footprint on the Landscape

  • Water Resources Management

  • Intro to Graduate Studies

  • Wetlands, People, and Public Policy

  • Intro to Human Geography


* = students

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