MA Program

Degree Requirements


The Florida Studies concentration within the Master of Arts in Liberal Arts degree allows students to explore a broad array of interdisciplinary classes or focus in one of a small number of areas of faculty expertise. Students may take classes in History, English, Geography, Environmental Science and Policy, Biology, Political Science, Journalism and Anthropology.

Students will work closely with program faculty who approve courses and guide research on thesis or non-thesis projects.


  • Required courses in the Florida Studies Program include
    • HUM 6814 Introduction to Graduate Study

    • HUM 6815 Research Seminar

  • Students may select any three of the following courses

    • HIS 6925 Colloquium in History: may repeat with different content

    • HIS 6939 Seminar in History: may repeat with different content

    • AMS 6026 Florida and Regional Studies

    • HIS 5114 Spanish Paleography I

    • HIS 5116 Spanish Paleography II

    • GEA 6195 Seminar in Advanced Regional Geography: Florida

    • EVR 6072 Florida Springs

    • BSC 6932 Selected Topics in Biology

    • LIT 6934 Selected Topics in English Studies

    • AML 6017 Studies in American Literature to 1860

  • The remainder of each student’s program of study will be worked out with his or her faculty advisor and the program director.  Each semester, the program circulates a list of approved courses.  If students identify courses they wish to include that are not on this list (including a limited number of graduate courses at other campuses), they may seek approval from the Program Director.

  • Each student must pass a comprehensive oral examination based on a written research proposal.

  • Students may choose a thesis or non-thesis option. Candidates will select topics with the approval of a faculty advisor.

Detailed program requirements are discussed in the Florida Studies Graduate Student Handbook.