Program Overview

The Florida Studies Program challenges students to think carefully and rigorously about this state’s history, geography/environment, literature, culture, and politics/government. Students will learn much about the Florida experience but more important, they will acquire the ability to ask thought provoking questions, identify and critically analyze relevant information, and communicate clearly and effectively. The knowledge, skills, and habits of mind we offer travel well beyond the state’s borders.

The Florida Studies Program brings together faculty from History, Geography, Political Science, English, Anthropology, and other disciplines to create an integrated, in-depth exploration of our state’s changing identity.

From environmental policy and resource management to contemporary political challenges and rewriting the state’s colonial history, Florida presents distinctive issues that merit close attention. Students from all disciplines can benefit from Florida Studies courses as they prepare for a wide range of career opportunities, including public history, education, museum studies, land management, and public service. For anyone interested in how our state fits into matters of regional and global significance, this program presents the ideal opportunity to use the State of Florida as a teaching and research laboratory.

Students admitted to the program take graduate classes toward pursuit of a Master of Arts in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Florida Studies. Limited graduate assistantships are available to new and continuing students.

MA Degree Requirements 

The Graduate Certificate in Florida Studies is designed for anyone with an interest in Florida’s history, culture or environments. This certificate program consists of a minimum of three courses: one required and two electives.

Graduate Certificate