One of the defining characteristic of the Institute is its intellectual community of scholars and graduate students from across the USF system. Whether during Friday Seminars, Annual Symposia, in a working research group, or spontaneously in the hallway, our faculty and fellows exchange ideas on an ongoing basis about the cultural and enviornmental changes underway in our world today. 


Anthropocene Working Group

The Anthropocene Working Group is an interdisciplinary network of researchers who conduct collaborative research, teaching, and outreach on the Anthropocene, a newly proposed geologic epoch.


Evolution Working Group

The Evolution Working Group is an interdisciplinary network of researchers dedicated to the understanding and application of evolutionary processes. 


Ancient Disease and Nutrition Working Group

The Ancient Diseases and Nutrition Working Group is an interdisciplinary network of researchers dedicated to reconstruction of ancient health, nutrition and living standards.  



Center for East African and the Indian Studies (CEIAOS)

CEAIOS members focus on understanding and modeling the development of state societies in the Indian Ocean, investigating urbanism as an outcome of global trade, migration and conducting anthropological, archaeological, and ethnohistorical fieldwork at sites in Kenya, Madagascar, and India.

Environmental Humanities

Environmental Humanities Initiative

Given food’s centrality to culture, history, and the social sciences, the Environmental Humanities Initiative's main focus is the critical study of food and the need to decolonize food together with issues related to environmental and food justice, agroecology, extractivism, waste, and the visual communication of just sustainability.






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 IASCE working groups foster interdisciplinary and ground-breaking research projects in various fields with a geographic focus on South America, the Mediterranean basin and East Africa and the Indian Ocean.






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 Members of the workgroups are actively engaged in sharing the results of their researches in impactful peer-reviewed journals.