Evolution Working Group


The Evolution Working Group is an interdisciplinary network of researchers dedicated to the understanding and application of evolutionary processes. Members of the group conduct basic research in evolutionary theory as well as apply evolutionary thinking to address complex problems as diverse as invasive species, developing treatments for complex diseases, understanding social constructs, and increasing scientific literacy. The aim of the group is to improve research, teaching, and outreach through cross-disciplinary collaboration. The group includes faculty and students from a diversity of departments across USF campus in the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, the College of Public Health, and the Moffitt Cancer Center.

Integrative Biology Department

Christina Richards

Christina Richards, Associate Professor & Director of the Evolution Working Group

Kathleen Scott

Kathleen Scott Professor 

Stephen Deban

Stephan Deban Professor

Valerie Hardwood

Valerie Hardwood Professor & Chair

David Lewis

David Lewis Associate Professor

Ryan Carney

Ryan Carney Assistant Professor


Anthropology Department

Charles Stanish

Charles Stanish, Professor & Executive Director of IASCE

Lorena Madrigal

Lorena Madrigal, Professor

Jonathan Bethard

Jonathan Bethard, Associate Professor

Elizabeth Miller

Elizabeth Miller, Associate Professor

Zachary Caple

Zachary Caple, Courtesy Faculty


USF Health - Global Health Department

John Adams

John Adams, Distinguished Professor

Rays Jiang

Rays Jiang, Associate Professor


Geosciences School

Greg Herbert

Greg Herbert, Associate Professor & Director of IASCE

Sarah Sheffield

Sarah Sheffield, Assistant Professor


Philosophy Department

Alex Levine

Alex Levine, Professor & Chair


History Department

Adriana Novoa

Adriana Novoa, Associate Professor


USF Tampa Libraries

Meghan Cook

Meghan Cook, Coordinator of Library Operations


Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology Department

James Garey

James Garey, Professor & Vice Provost


Psychology Department

Toru Shimitzu

Toru Shimitzu, Professor and Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs


College of Engineering - Computer Science and Engineering Department

Alessio Gaspar

Alessio Gaspar, Associate Professor