Kathleen Scott

Professor & Graduate Program Director (Tampa campus)


Tampa campus
Office: BSF 132
Lab: BSF 122, BSF 124
Phone: (813) 974-5173

Email: kmscott@usf.edu

Specialty Area Recent Publications

Microbiology, Environmental Microbiology, Physiology and Morphology

Research Key Words: Microbial physiology, carbon dioxide fixation

Kathleen Scott

Ph.D. Biology, Penn State at University Park, 1998
Post Doctoral Fellow, Harvard University


Microbial physiology: If introductory biochemistry class is learning scales, microbial physiology is learning symphonies.

Genomics: Genetics, but on steroids. And funner.

Deep Sea Biology: Anglerfish. Larvaceans. Fecal pellets. Whale-fall buffets. How could this NOT be a fun class?

I study the metabolism of autotrophic microorganisms, primarily chemolithoautotrophs, which use the energy from the oxidation of chemicals such as hydrogen gas or sulfide to power carbon dioxide fixation.

My research team focuses on mechanisms for carbon dioxide uptake and fixation by these organisms. Our work provides insights into the evolution and ecophysiology of carbon dioxide fixation, and also is relevant to agriculture, and the synthesis of industrial precursor compounds in a carbon-neutral manner.