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Our Department of Integrative Biology is unique!

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Located in one of the few sub-tropical climates in the United States, nested between the Marine ecosystems of the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, and the wetlands of Everglades National Park – the USF Department of Integrative Biology hosts a spectacular amount of biodiversity that any curious biologist would be excited about! 

As a student you will have the opportunity to understand biology across all hierarchies from single-celled organisms to global-epidemiological studies. Becoming immersed in many cross-disciplinary methods that are used to answer biological questions from computer modeling to field studies.

Our curriculum is comprehensive and as a result you will develop effective verbal and written communication skills, and competency in experimental design to prepare you for both laboratory and field research. You will practice critical thinking skills which will help you to apply evidence-based knowledge to everyday problems.

Our students can access a wide range of inquiry-based research opportunities through: undergraduate research courses, volunteering, internships, study abroad and Florida field courses, as well as within many of our core and elective courses.

These skills and experiences will prepare you for a successful career in biology or further education in a variety of areas such as health science, data science, environmental science and science education

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Find out how to apply at USF Bioadvise