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BSC 4940 Biology Internship

Description and application to BSC 4940 Biology Internship

Learning Assistant Class

In spring 2021, one section of BSC 2011 Biological Diversity is taught with Learning Assistants. Learning Assistants are undergraduate students who, through the guidance of weekly preparation sessions and a pedagogy course, facilitate discussions among groups of students that encourage active engagement in class. We are looking for 26 students to act as Learning Assistants in Spring 2021.

Specifically, we are looking for students who have recently completed BSC 2011 (or are currently taking it) and scored a B+ or higher (or currently have a grade of B+ at this point in the semester). Learning Assistants will enroll in a 3-credit special topics course (BSC 4933).

Students will have to be available at the following times:

Mondays and Wednesdays, 9:30-10:45am (BSC2011 class)
Mondays and Wednesdays, 2-3:15pm (LA meeting)
Either Tuesdays or Thursdays 11am-12:15pm (pedagogy class)

Note that in this section of BSC2011, some students come to face to face class, others are completely online. The LA meetings and pedagogy class will be completely online. There are therefore some openings for face to face LAs (~2/3) and some openings (~1/3) for online LAs.

If your BSC2011 grade was/is a B+ or higher (87% or higher) and you are interested in this opportunity, please complete this online survey

Questions about this opportunity can be sent to Dr. Chantale Bégin @ cbegin@usf.edu 

BSC 2011 flipped course

One section of BSC 2011 is taught as a “flipped classroom” with Learning Assistants (undergraduate TAs). The flipped classroom uses in-class time differently than traditional courses. Students are required to complete mandatory readings and assignments before class. This frees up class time for students to tackle more complicated problems in small groups, when they have Learning Assistants available to answer questions.

After class, students review material through online homework and practice exams. In our flipped model, we maximize discussions, practice problems and group work to increase how much students retain from class. This allows for a deeper understanding of concepts, and improves performance on exams. This model fosters a lot of active learning, has been shown repeatedly to increase student success. If you are interesting in taking BSC2011 as a flipped classroom in spring 2021, register for section 3 (face to face), 7 (face to face) or 2 (online)

For more check out this link or contact Bioadvise 


Biology Abroad

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