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Anthropocene Working Group Mission & Members

The Anthropocene Working Group is an interdisciplinary network of researchers who conduct collaborative research, teaching, and outreach on the Anthropocene, a newly proposed geologic epoch representing the age in which human activities have induced shifts in the state and functioning of the Earth system that threaten environmental, social, and economic crises on global to local scales. Faculty in the working group represent the College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, and the Patel College of Global Sustainability.

Members of Anthropocene Working Group:  

College of Arts and Sciences

Department of Anthropology

David Himmelgreen, Professor & Chair
Zachary Caple, Provost's Postdoctoral Scholar
Dillon Mahoney, Assistant Professor
Thomas Pluckhahn, Professor
Charles Stanish, Professor & Executive Director, IASCE
Andrea Vianello, Visiting Research Fellow
Diane Wallman, Assistant Professor
Christian Wells, Professor & Director USF Center for Brownfields Research
Nancy White, Professor
Linda Whiteford, Professor
Rebecca Zarger, Associate Professor/Graduate Director

Department of Communication  

Fred Steier, Associate Professor

Department of English

Gurleen Gerwal, Associate Professor
Carl Herndl, Professor
Liz Kicak, Instructor & Director Humanities Institute
Jarod Rosello, Assistant Professor

Department of History

Michael Decker, Professor 
Davide Tanasi, Assistant Professor

Humanities and Cultural Studies

Sara Dykins Callahan, Instructor
Amy Rust, Associate Professor

Department of Integrative Biology

Valerie Harwood, Professor & Chair
Ryan Carney, Assistant Professor
David Lewis, Associate Professor
Earl McCoy, Professor
Lynn Martin, Associate Professor
Luanna Prevost, Assistant Professor
Christina Richards, Associate Professor & Director of Evolutionary Working Group, IASCE
Jason Rohr, Professor

Philosophy Department 

Alex Levine, Professor & Chair
William Goodwin, Associate Professor
Trevor Hedberg, Postdoctoral Scholar
Martin Schönfeld, Professor
Eric Winsberg, Professor

Department of Sociology 

Laurel Graham, Associate Professor/Associate Chair
Robert Benford, Professor

School of Geosciences

Mark Rains, Professor & Chair
Joni Downs, Associate Chair
Fenda Akiwumi, Associate Professor & Director, Institute on Black Life
Kamal Alsharif, Associate Professor
Martin Bosman, Associate Professor
Jason Gulley, Assistant Professor
Greg Herbert, Associate Professor/Director of Anthropocene Working Group, IASCE
Yujie Hu, Assistant Professor
Shawn Landry, Research Associate Professor/Director of USF Water Institute
Connie Mizak, Instructor
Bogdan Onac, Professor
Kai Rains, Research Associate Professor
Philip Van Beynen, Associate Professor

School of Interdisciplinary Global Studies 

Kellan Anfinson, Postdoc
Peter Funke, Associate Professor
Cheryl Hall, Associate Professor

School of Public Affairs

Mark Hafen, Sr. Instructor/Graduate Program Assist. Director
Evangeline Linkous, Assistant Professor
Elizabeth Strom, Associate Professor

Department of World Languages

Jennifer Cazenave, Assistant Professor
Patrizia La Trecchia, Associate Professor


College of Engineering

Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering 

Mauricio Arias, Assistant Professor
James Mihelcic, Professor
Maya Trotz, Assistant Professor

Electrical Engineering Department 

Yasin Yilmas, Assistant Professor


Honors College

Alan Bush, Instructor
Catherine Wilkins, Instructor

Muma College of Business

John Jermier, Professor

Patel College of Global Sustainability 

Govindan Parayil, Dean
Thomas Culhane, Instructor

USF Tampa Library 

Todd Chavez, Dean, USF Libraries
Meghan Cook, Coordinator of Library Operations
Travis Doering, Research Associate Professor, USF Library (DHHC)