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Latin American Science Fiction Research Grant

Call for Latin American Science Fiction Research Travel Grant

Call for Latin American Science Fiction Research Travel Grant (LASFRTG) at the University of South Florida

The Institute for the Study of Latin America and the Caribbean (ISLAC), The Department of World Languages and the Tampa Library at the University of South Florida are sponsoring the Latin American Science Fiction Research Travel Grant (LASFRTG) for Fall 2022 to use USF’s unique Latin American Science Fiction collection and invites interested scholars to apply.


This grant will enable researchers to use the resources of the Latin American Science Fiction Collection, located at the Tampa Library at the University of South Florida, thereby enhancing its value and visibility. ISLAC promotes multidisciplinary research and community engagement, linking local and global partners interested in learning about Latin America, the Caribbean, and Latino/a/x resources. As part of these efforts, ISLAC will promote research and intellectual exchanges based on the outcomes of the LASFRTG.

The grant will cover travel, lodging, per diem expenses, local transportation (to/from Tampa airport if necessary). Grantees will have access to the Latin American Science Fiction collection, photocopying privileges, and workspace at the USF Library (access to selected electronic materials may be limited). Grantees are expected to remain in Tampa for five days to use the collection, offer a talk about their research as it pertains to Latin American Science Fiction to the USF community and, following their stay, submit a 3-page report on how their work with the collection enhanced their research project. In addition, grantees are expected to acknowledge their use of the collection in any publications and/or award/grants/ fellowships resulting from their stay at the USF library.

Application Deadline

Applications for the LASFRTG for Fall 2022 will be accepted from January 15th, 2022, until March 15th, 2022. Award shall be announced no later than April 30th. Residence shall be completed during the Fall of 2022, preferably between September 15th and October 15th (during Hispanic Heritage Month). Applicants must hold a Ph.D. and be affiliated with a University.

Application Procedure

All applications must be filed electronically and will be evaluated by a selection committee. To apply for the LASFRTG, please send one pdf document with the following documents: cover page, a 1 page letter of intent, a 3-4 pages (double spaced) research proposal, a brief CV (up to 2 pages) including current affiliation, and a travel budget to Dr. Beatriz Padilla, ISLAC Director.

  • For questions about the LASFRTG, please contact Dr. Pablo Brescia, Academic Coordinator for the LASFRTG, Professor of Spanish, University of South Florida. 

  • For questions about the collection, please contact: Tomaro Taylor, Head of Special Collections, and/or Dr. Amanda Boczar, Manager, Library Operations.

  • For questions about ISLAC, please contact Andrea Cetré, ISLAC.

Information on the Fantasy and Science Fiction Collection at USF

Special Collections at USF has developed an unparalleled collection of Latin American Science Fiction monographs, serials, and ephemeral publications that is largely unavailable in the United States. Special Collections currently holds a near-comprehensive collection of SF from Cuba, a representative sampling of works from Argentina and Mexico, as well as a number of fine examples of the small press publications which, while difficult to locate in the United States, have formed the backbone of the Latin American SF resurgence in the latter 20th century. Systematic collection development created near-comprehensive coverage of authors as well as to represent more accurately the full breadth of sub-genres, forms, and formats encompassed by speculative fiction in Latin America. USF’s collection is a unique tool for researchers, scholars, and students as they work to recover the tradition of SF in Latin America.