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Access 3D Lab brings together faculty, students, and stakeholders to promote transformative research in the digital realm. Our goal is to incubate and support innovative research and teaching in STEM disciplines, the arts, and the humanities. In addition to serving USF students and faculty, we advance societal change through outreach efforts that promote healthy people, healthy communities, and healthy environments. The lab is distinct among other units on campus because it provides the the resources needed to explore the intersection of digital humanities and digital sciences through a transdisciplinary lens.

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Access 3D Lab now accepting applications for May workshop!

Monday, December 8, 2022

The 2-week professional development workshop combines hands-on fieldwork and training in mobile, aerial, and terrestrial lidar, 360 imaging, and GIS analysis. The curriculum focuses on advanced geospatial technologies that are driving innovation and creating jobs in the heritage, tourism, and sustainability industries. The workshop also features an exclusive career forum and networking event on the last day. Apply now, as space is limited!

Lab Director Dr. Harrison wins funding from the National Park Service!

The National Park Service Center for Preservation Technology and Training award supports an innovative program that trains students how to use advanced geospatial technologies to document and monitor coastal heritage sites. The research incorporates aerial lidar, terrestrial lidar, and NOAA sea-level rise projections to forecast the impacts of sea-level rise with an unprecedented level of detail.

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