About Us


Laura Harrison headshot

Dr. Laura K. Harrison is the Director of Access 3D Lab, where she oversees instrumentation and workflows, spearheads outreach with faculty and researchers, and carries out collaborative digital science and digital humanities research. Dr. Harrison is an advocate of open access and interdisciplinary approaches in the sciences and humanities. She has over ten years of experience as PI and co-PI of research projects in archaeology and museum studies. Her experience with 3D virtualization includes digitally reconstructing an endangered archaeological site in Turkey, documenting historic architecture in Europe with terrestrial laser scanning, and creating a virtual museum for a collection of global archaeological and ethnographic objects, among others. As Director of USF’s Access 3D Lab, Dr. Harrison looks forward to mobilizing the facility’s resources to support and advance student and faculty research at USF and beyond. 

Headshot of Elliot Alvarez

Elliot J. Alvarez is Access 3D Lab’s Research Assistant. He holds a Bachelor's in 3D Digital Graphics from the Rochester Institute of Technology, with a background in 3D printing and scanning in industry. He specialized in modeling and sculpting programs, and hopes to share his knowledge of creating and editing new 3D assets with everyone.


Photo of Aurelien Tafani

Aurélien Tafani is a PhD student in Applied Anthropology at USF. His main advisor is Prof. Robert H. Tykot. Aurélien's research focuses on the mobility and diet of the populations that lived in the Lower Danube River Valley, in Eastern Europe, during the Late Neolithic period (5500-4000 BC). During his internship at the Access 3D Lab, Aurélien will endeavor to create a tridimensional reconstruction of the prehistoric site he is working on, Sultana-Malu Roşu, Romania. The goal of the project is to combine the information derived from numerous archaeological campaigns of excavation with GIS data in order to offer an appealing visual interpretation of the site within its paleoenvironment to the academic community and to the general public.

Nancy Froistad

 Nancy Froistad is currently processing a digital LiDAR dataset of historic buildings in Ybor City at Access 3D Lab. She is enrolled as a student at Arizona State University, where she is studying Anthropology/Archaeology. Prior to this internship, Nancy ran her own record storage company for 27 years in California. After retiring and traveling for a couple of years, she decided to pursue a life-long passion for archaeology. In addition to her experience with records management, Nancy also has experience in real estate, contracts, law, probate, software development, and medical management.

Kailey McCain

Kaily McCain is currently working on scanning Dr. Sarah Sheffield’s Paleontology collection with the Faro Arm Scanner, and processing in Geomagic Wrap and Zbrush. She is a junior at the University of South Florida, majoring in Interdisciplinary Natural Sciences and minoring in Philosophy. Within the broad umbrella of interdisciplinary sciences, her concentrations are in biology, chemistry. and geology. After graduation, she plans on pursuing a Ph.D. in evolutionary biology.

Rudy Prieto

Rudy Prieto is a senior in Computer Engineering at the University of South Florida.  He is interested in computer visualization, 3D modeling, and robotics. Rudy became interested in 3D modeling during a class on virtual reality last semester. This semester he is doing an independent study and is currently working on processing the Terrestrial LiDAR data from the archaeological excavation in Manatee Mineral Springs. His goal is to learn about 3D scanning and data processing to be able to apply such knowledge in his future career. 

Haley Thomas

Haley Thomas is a senior Anthropology student working towards a career in archaeology, with the goal of focusing on bioarchaeology. She is interested in human remains and what they can tell us about the lives and cultures of past populations. This semester, at Access 3D Lab, Haley is working on scanning Dr. Jonathan Bethard’s archaeological skeletal collection with the Faro Arm Scanner and processing the scans with Geomagic and Zbrush. Ultimately, she will create a digital collection of her work.

Photo of Abdullah Fathi

Abdullah Fathi is an International Student from Saudi Arabia pursuing a M.A. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Florida.  He is interested in 3D scanning, 3D modeling, and 3D printing. His internship focuses on 3D scanning a robotic arm with the Faro Edge ScanArm, and processing data in Geomagic Wrap, and modifying the mechanical components of a CAD robotic arm to optimize them for 3D printing in Autodesk MAYA. His goal is to discover the 3D scanning field, learn about data processing and 3D modeling, and 3D print a robotic arm.