About Us

Policies and Procedures

Location and Contacts

Access 3D Lab is located in the CAS Multidisciplinary Complex (CMC), suite 102. The lab contains a 24-seat  classroom, a collaborative lab space, a conference room and a flexible office space. 

Questions about operations or scheduling at the facility should be directed to Laura Harrison, Lab Director, at:
Phone: (813) 974-1157.

General Policies

New lab users are encouraged to schedule a consultation with Access 3D Lab staff prior to the start of a new project. The Consultation Request Form is available here

As one of Access 3D Lab's goals is to encourage learning and self-use of instruments and software, training is highly recommended. The Training Request Form is available here

The lab is open from 9am-5pm, Monday through Friday, year round (with some exceptions for fieldwork and academic conferences). Lab users are encouraged to schedule their projects well in advance.

Individuals taking equipment off-campus for research must first consult with Access 3D Lab about their project, obtain any necessary training, and complete all necessary paperwork, including filling out the Equipment Request Form and the Asset Management form. 


Access 3D lab will acknowledge all stakeholders when we feature projects on our social media accounts, website, publications and/or presentations. In return, we ask that lab users to acknowledge Access 3D Lab in any presentations, grant applications or publications based on or containing work conducted in Access 3D Lab should acknowledge the facility as follows:

This work has been supported in part by the USF Access 3D Lab research support facility in the College of Arts & Sciences.

Equipment Sign Out

3D instrumentation is expensive to buy and maintain. Therefore, lab users are required to assume responsibility for any equipment damage that is not covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Additionally, offsite scanner operators must demonstrate proficiency with the equipment, at the discretion of the Lab Director. Principal Investigators must complete a sign out form acknowledging responsibility for the care and maintenance of the equipment during offsite projects. Equipment Sign Out forms are available here.