Sustainability Studies


The Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies located at the USF St. Petersburg campus will prepare graduates for careers as advisors to commercial enterprises, industry, not-for-profit institutions and government agencies and give them the tools and techniques to create and maintain sustainable operations. A person with a Sustainability Studies degree can become the point of contact for managers, owners and politicians when implementing new technologies and policies. Sustainability Studies provides the tools to safeguard the well-being of future generations, increase profits today and understand the role science plays in developing new technologies to address societal challenges.

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Program Requirements

Students must complete 37 credit hours in the Sustainability Studies major. This includes all required core courses (31 hours) and two electives (6 hours). The entire B.A. degree will require 120 credit hours.

Core Courses

The core courses are designed to provide students with a broad interdisciplinary knowledge base in business, social sciences and the natural sciences to prepare them for a wide variety of careers or graduate work in fields related to Sustainability Studies.

Natural Science

  • Introduction to Environmental Science
  • Chemistry for Sustainability
  • Physics of Energy, Climate Change & Environment

Social Science

  • Sustainability of Human Systems
  • Methods for Environmental Policy Analysis & Sustainability
  • Qualitative Research Methods in Geography


  • Principles of Entrepreneurship
  • Sustainable Entrepreneurship
  • International Business

Capstone: Practicing Sustainability

Graduates of the Sustainability Studies program will be prepared for a number of different professions, including:

  • Public Engagement Specialist
  • Community Engagement Liaison
  • Energy Estimator
  • Consultant
  • Recycling Specialist
  • Permit Evaluator
  • Organics Recycling Director
  • Director of Environmental Health and Safety
  • Sustainability and Resiliency Manager
  • LEED consultant