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Gabriela Germana Roquez

Ph.D., Florida State University
Visiting Instructor, modern and contemporary Latin American art; contemporary Indigenous art; museum studies and curatorial practice 
Phone: 813.974.2360
Office: FAH 247

Gabriela Germana Roquez specializes in modern and contemporary Latin American art and contemporary Indigenous art, addressing such issues as decolonial theory, feminist theory, race, ethnicity, politics of identity, theories of circulation, and regimes of value. Her doctoral dissertation titled “Doing It Their Own Way. Tablas de Sarhua: Indigenous Aesthetics in the context of Contemporary Peruvian Art” examines the history of the paintings of Sarhua and the way Sarhuino artists have consistently responded to and challenged modern Western aesthetics and knowledge. Germana Roquez’s research also engages with issues surrounding the circulation of the tablas, being framed as folk art, tourist art, and art pieces, and the role of Sarhuino women artists in these processes.

Germana Roquez’s writing has appeared in Arts, the Journal of Curatorial Studies, Athanor, Illapa, Artesanías de América, Anales del Museo de América, as well as in edited volumes and exhibition catalogs. She has presented her research at the College of Art Association Annual Conference (New York, 2017; Chicago, 2020), the Latin American Studies Association International Congress (Lima, 2017; Boston, 2019), and the American Anthropological Association’s annual meeting (Vancouver, 2019). She has been invited to give public talks at ARCO International Contemporary Art Fair (Madrid, 2019), the Norton Museum of Art (West Palm Beach, FL, 2019), the San Antonio Museum of Art (San Antonio, TX, 2019), and the Yale Institute of Sacred Music (New Haven, CT, 2020).

The exhibitions that Germana Roquez has curated include Tablas de Sarhua: A History of Resistance and Change in Contemporary Peruvian Andean Art (Pensacola Museum of Art, 2019), Everything that Sounds in the Forest: Contemporary Art of the Peruvian Amazon. Pensacola (Pensacola Museum of Art, 2018), Metal Bodies: Contemporary Peruvian Women Artists (Art Gallery of the Embassy of Peru in the USA, Washington D.C., 2018), Yo no solo coso: Estéticas femeninas tradicionales en las prácticas artísticas contemporáneas (Centro Cultural Peruano Británico, Lima, 2014), and Entornos reconfigurados: Tránsitos artísticos de una nueva contemporaneidad (Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Lima, 2013).

Germana Roquez is the recipient of a Fulbright Foreign Student Program scholarship (2014-2015), a Rose Teaching Fellowship (Department of Art History, Florida State University, 2016), a Mason Dissertation Research Award (Department of Art History, Florida State University, 2017), and a CAA Graduate Student Travel Grant (2018).

Germana Roquez teaches survey courses on contemporary art and Latin American art, and reading- and writing-intensive seminars on 20th Century Latin American art, contemporary Indigenous art, methods, and research in art history.

Recent publications:
“’Hemos hecho estas tablas para hacer conocer a Sarhua’: Reelaboraciones visuales y re-significaciones identitarias en las Tablas de Sarhua en Lima (Perú).” Mundos de Creación Visual de los Pueblos Indígenas, ed. Ana Cielo Quiñones. Bogotá: Pontificia Universidad Javeriana. In progress.

"Metal Bodies: Discourses on the Body in the Work in Metal of Contemporary Women Artists." The Other Fridas: Latin American Women Artists Who Challenged Society, ed. Luciana Namorato and Débora Thomé. In progress.

With Amy Bowman-McElhone. "Asserting the Vernacular: Contested Musealities and Contemporary Art in Lima, Peru." Arts 9, no. 1: 17 (2020).

“The Depiction of Spaces in the Paintings of Sarhua: Reshaping an Andean Identity in the City of Lima.” Athanor 35 (2017): 91-99.

With Amy Bowman-McElhone. “Vacío Museal: Medio siglo de museotopías peruanas (1966–2016). Curated by Gustavo Buntinx, Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Lima, 24 June – 25 September 2016” [exhibition review]. Journal of Curatorial Studies Vol. 5, N° 3 (2016): 411-415.

“Miradas alternas: Visiones y discursos en la Colección de Arte Popular del Museo de Arte de San Marcos.” Herencias y Tradiciones: Colección de Arte Popular del Museo de Arte de San Marcos. Lima: Fondo Editorial del Congreso del Perú, 2016: 19-34.

“Entre la conmemoración, las búsquedas expresivas y el refinamiento utilitario: Un recorrido por el arte en metal del siglo XX en el Perú.” Forjando el tiempo: Historia del metal en el Perú. Lima: Apus Graph Ediciones, 2014: 132-186.