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Virtual Reception of the 2021 BFA Studio Thesis Exhibition.
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Engage your curiosity and pursue your passion at USF.

College is an exciting time of growth and possibilities. Here at the USF School of Art & Art History and the College of The Arts, discover a community of aspiring artists and scholars that share your passion and dreams. Together you will support one another in achieving your goals. Beyond the school, discover a diverse USF community with whom to share your ideas and experiences. Our experienced faculty will enrich your personal and professional growth through mentorship.

As a preeminent, top public research university in Florida, USF offers extensive resources to help students investigate and explore a variety of topics and interests. Strengthen your foundation for conceptual thinking with research and take your art to a whole new level.

Frequent cultural events and campus activities also provide ample opportunity to connect with the diverse USF community and learn something new. The College of The Arts hosts a variety of interesting and fun events throughout the year, such as musicals, plays, art exhibitions, performances, and lectures. Come and experience in person the talent and hard work of fellow USF students, faculty and staff.

And when you need a break from studying, recharge by