University of South Florida

School of Art & Art History

USF College of The Arts

John Byrd

Associate Professor, Ceramics & Sculpture
MFA, University of Washington
Phone: 813.974.2360
Office: FAH 257


John Byrd has created a sculptural language of composite creatures made of clay, taxidermy, and cast, found objects. He does not propose an ethical stance on animal rights. Instead, Byrd’s sculptures act as personal and humorous studies of the hypocritical desire to simultaneously honor and consume animals. “Untitled (Bobcat)” is a porcelain sculpture of a sixteen 16- inch tall bobcat, clasping a limp rabbit in its jaw and standing atop a pile of shredded textiles and detritus. A taxidermy canary is inset in the back of the bobcat’s head. Sections of the bobcat’s muscular and digestive system are visible, accentuating the animal’s role as predator.

John Byrd has exhibited sculptures in the United States and abroad. Notably, he has had numerous exhibitions at New York City’s Garth Clark Gallery. Byrd received his BFA in Ceramics from Louisiana State University in 1997 and his MFA in Ceramics from the University of Washington in 2000.