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Sheramy Bundrick

Ph.D. (Emory University) Professor, Greek and Roman art, art of the ancient Mediterranean
Phone: 727.873.4062

Sheramy Bundrick specializes in the art of ancient Greece, especially Athenian vase painting of the sixth and fifth centuries B.C.E. Her recent book, Athens, Etruria, and the Many Lives of Greek Figured Pottery (University of Wisconsin Press, 2019), explores the import and usage of Athenian vases by the ancient Etruscans. Taking a cross-cultural perspective and privileging archaeological context, she posits a symbiotic relationship between Athenian ceramic workshops, the traders who transported figured pottery, and Etruscan consumers. Dr. Bundrick has published articles in journals such as the American Journal of Archaeology, Hesperia, and Classical Antiquity; numerous book chapters; and is the author of Music and Image in Classical Athens (Cambridge University Press, 2005). Her book in progress is provisionally titled The Family of Citizens in Classical Athenian Art.

Dr. Bundrick has held fellowships and grants from the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Fulbright Foundation, and Archaeological Institute of America. During the 2013–14 academic year, she was a Rome Prize Fellow in Ancient Studies at the American Academy in Rome and in spring 2022 she was a Visiting Senior Associate Member at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens. As a lecturer in the Archaeological Institute of America National Lecture Program, she presented her research on Greek vases in Etruria at Yale University (2014), Johns Hopkins University (2015), and Princeton University (2017). Among her grants and awards at the University of South Florida, she received a Creative Scholarship Grant for 2021-22; the USF St Petersburg Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Scholarship for 2015-16; and a USF System Outstanding Faculty Award for 2013.

Recent Publications:

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