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From a deep historic foundation, the ceramic medium consistently evolves and returns. In the Ceramics program, we approach clay with broad explorative research ranging from ancient craft histories to contemporary critical dialogs. We are conservatory program, allowing students the freedom to develop singular research to realize their ideas, whether clay is a specific practice or part of a wider material dialog. We’re interested in the role of the hand as well as ways to utilize the newest technologies in order to explore, exploit, and expand the formal and conceptual boundaries of clay within contemporary art.

Beginning Ceramics courses focus on fundamental forming techniques with attention to the specific craft each student brings to their work. There is a rotation of subjects within the Intermediate courses. These can include, Mold-making & Casting, Glaze & Surface, Large-Scale Building, and Figurative Ceramics. By the Advanced levels, undergraduates should be developing their own specific lines of inquiry, guided by the area’s faculty and technical staff.

Image: Ceramic Sculpture by Sasha Adorno

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     Ceramic by Zak Hemsteger



    Ceramic by Reiko Kawahara