MFA Student Work Gallery

The Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree at the University of South Florida’s School of Art & Art History is an idea-centered program that encourages broad media exploration, interdisciplinary projects, and and engagement with current theoretical and cultural issues.

Nationally ranked, our program provides a dynamic atmosphere with ongoing opportunities for dialogue with the faculty, other graduate students and a world-class program of visiting artists, critics and scholars.

Header image: Artwork by Michael Covello.
Image right: Artwork by Mikaela Williams

Artwork by Mikaela Williams
Signal Fire by Jeremy Chandler
Sculpture by Taylor Pilote

Image left: Signal Fire by Jeremy Chandler, 2015. Image right: Sculpture by Taylor Pilote.

  •  Photography


    Artwork by Selina Roman

  •  Art Installation


    Artwork by Felici Asteinza

  •  Sculpture


    Artwork by Mikaela Williams

  •  Sculpture and Ceramics


    Artwork by Reiko Kawahara

Artwork by Jason Pinkckard
Artwork by Kimberly Adams

Image left: Artwork by Jason Pinkckard. Image right: Artwork by Kimberly Adams

  • Sculpture and Performance Art


    Artwork by Jamie Bird

  • Video and Sculpture


    Artwork by Rick Dailey

  • Photography


    Artwork by Adam Hill

  • Sculpture


    Artwork by Mikel Durlam

Performance by Khoshooee Bahareh
Performance by Toni Billick

Image left: Performance by Khoshooee Bahareh. Image right: Performance and photography by Toni Billick

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