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Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery

The Carolyn M. Wilson is located on the USF Tampa campus in the Fine Arts Studios building, FAS. Students, alumni, and faculty may submit a proposal for an exhibition in the Wilson Gallery. Applications are accepted twice a year. Applications can be picked up in the School of Art & Art History office, FAH 231. For further information on the gallery, please contact the School of Art & Art History at (813) 974-2360.

During exhibitions, the Wilson Gallery hours are Monday through Thursday from 11 am to 3 pm. Free admission; Visitors to the museum are expected to wear masks and practice social distancing.


Fall 2021 Exhibitions

Gallery view of the exhibition.

Material Minds Immaterial Bodies
November 19 - December 2nd in the Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery 11am-3pm

The USF School of Art & Art History presents the Fall 2021 BFA Thesis Exhibition: Material Minds Immaterial Bodies, featuring artists: Makayla Lindsay, Lilith Graham, Robert Horne, Josh Konruff, Faith Lakey, Braendi Pursell, Christie Scott, & Chris Sellers. The exhibition will feature a variety of different mediums and subject matter.

Gallery hours are M-Th from 11am-3pm. A reception will be held November 19th at 7pm.


Goodbye Before We Go
November 1st - 10th 

Goodbye Before We Go is an art exhibition featuring Kai Holyoke, Alicia Watkinson and Nika Zaytseva. The artists will be exploring the duality of the internal and external with regard to the body- both as an autonomous subject and in relation to its surroundings. This collection of works will be tied together through various extended media, predominantly performance, sound and installation.

October 11th - October 21st 

Acquaintance is an art exhibition featuring a curated survey of works from first year graduate students presented by the USF School of Art & Art History.

A Landscape Without Walls // Bracing Art Below the Navel 
September 20th - 30th

The School of Art & Art History presents a double exhibition at the Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery. In A Landscape Without Walls, Logan Wolfe uses performance, video and projections to create a space where the viewer can begin to engage with the artworks through their bodily perception.

In Bracing Art Below the Navel, Nicole Thomas uses photography and video to explore a deeper understanding of sexual energy and self exploration.

Gallery hours are M-Th from 11am-3pm. A reception will be held September 24th at 7pm.


clash of the titans poster with text over greek figures

Studio Faculty Exhibition 2021
August 30 - September 9

The School of Art & Art History presents Studio Faculty Exhibition 2021, featuring various art mediums from our studio faculty at the Carolyn M. Wilson Gallery. A reception will be held September 3rd at 7:00pm. Gallery hours are M-Th 11am-3pm.


Spring 2021 Exhibitions

Thank You in Advance, BFA Thesis Exhibition II
April 5 - 8
The second week will include the following artists: Cassie Jacobsen, Thomas Reynolds, Zavier Clark, Carley Schafer, Dianabel Trujillo, Amy Joy Squillace, Claire Barger, Charlotte Snead, Carys Stogdill, Andrea White, Samuel McCormick, Sydney Kaye, Ashley Rivers, and Zachary Edmonds. USF Students, faculty and staff only permitted in the gallery at this time.

Thank You in Advance, BFA Thesis Exhibition I
March 22 - 25

The Spring 2021 BFA Thesis Exhibition, Thank You in Advance, is a two-part exhibition. The first week will include the following artists: Celina Alvarez, Sabrina Caligiuri, Mel Martinez, Jennifer Thompson, Daniel Luther Hart, Ryan Borzoie, Sean Mcguirk, Paul Kester, Navya Johri, Margherita Tibaldo, B. A. Wikoff, Andrew Exposito, Julia Heinke, Dakota Gilson.

triangular image

Flock House
February 22 - March 11

Flock House Tampa models partnerships between the university and the larger community in the time of coronavirus, when the need to bring people together through art and projects centered around environmental care has great urgency. The sculpture is createdin collaboration with The USF School of Art & Art History, undergraduate interns, and the youth of Community Stepping Stones in Sulphur Springs.

A breathing mask floats behind white text on a black background.

Figures in Quarantine
February 1 - 11

Figures in Quarantine stands as a model for the sources and inspirations that students have
used to represent the human figure during forced social isolation. Through a range of two and
three-dimensional media, small and large-scale artworks, and executed by MFA and BFA
students at USF, this exhibition embodies the livelihood, emotions, and experiences artists have
while working and living amidst a pandemic era.


"Ritual Natural Virtual III" in white text over black sand

Ritual/Natural/Virtual 3
January 11 - 21

Ritual/Natural/Virtual 3: Through repetitive mark-making, meditative construction, vivid, sensual imagery, and repurposed high tech equipment, Luke Myers, Molly Duff and Willow Wells continue to examine the intersection of the ancient and the ultramodern.

Dark grey poster with "Absentee Authority" in white.

Absentee Authority
January 11 - 21

Absentee Authority references the point where "deconstructive analyses and identity politics" converge. The work of Laura Perez Insua, JD Hardy, Lisa McCarthy, Tatiana Mesa Pajan, and Carola Miles illuminates this paradox. Using line, color, light and metal to navigate the place where trauma can be present with an absent subject. Or where the subject returns to the scene of a vacant trauma.