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Concert Hall (MUS 177)

Rental Information

The Music Concert Hall at the USF School of Music is one of the most acoustically advanced concert spaces in the southeast of the United States. With seating for 483 guests and a large stage, this venue hosts concerts by distinguished artists, faculty, and students. For venue rental inquiries contact the Events and Production Services office at the USF College of The Arts.

View of Concert Hall stage from tech booth.
View from Concert Hall stage overlooking audience seating.
  • Concert Hall stage


    Audience members get a close-up view of performances and presentations on stage.

  • Small and large arrangements


    The adjustable acoustics of the USF Music Concert Hall allow for fine-tuning the space to a number of different arrangement sizes.

  • All Steinway Pianos


    The USF School of Music is an All Steinway School, with several concert grands available on-site for performances.

Location and Parking

Concert Hall Street Address:
3755 USF Holly Drive
Tampa, FL 33620

Daily visitor parking is available for purchase in USF lots 9C, 3C, 3D, and 42. Download parking map.