University of South Florida

School of Music

USF College of The Arts

Undergraduate Admissions FAQ

Q. Do music applicants have to apply to both the School of Music and the University?
A. Yes. All applicants must complete both applications. Please read through the Application Overview for more information.

Q. Do I need to be accepted to USF before applying to the School of Music?
A. No. Both applications can be completed at the same time. Please do not wait.

Q. If I am applying for a non-performance degree, do I have to audition?
A. Yes. All potential music undergraduates must audition in order to be considered for admission to the School of Music.

Q. Do I need to provide Letters of Recommendation with my application?
A. Yes. Please read through the Application Overview for more information.

Q. Am I required to participate in the undergraduate orientation activities?
A. Yes. Orientation is mandatory for all new, incoming or transfer students. Please visit the university orientation website for more information.

Q. How do I know which music degree is best suited for me?
A. Not to worry, we have made a list of questions you should ask yourself before applying to a potential degree program. It is important that you understand the differences between each of our undergraduate degree programs, so please be sure to read through these before applying to the School of Music.

Q. Which ensembles are considered “Major Ensembles” for degree requirements?
A. Chamber Singers, Jazz Ensembles (Big Bands), Jazz Chamber Ensembles (Jazz Combos: only for jazz studies majors), Piano Ensemble/Chamber Ensemble (only for piano majors) Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra, University Singers, and Wind Ensemble.

Q. Is there a School of Music Student Handbook?
A. Our Undergraduate Catalog contains all essential information normally presented in a handbook. The catalog also contains information specific to each music major, including degree requirements, prerequisites, and a recommended order of classes.

Q. What happens if I get accepted to the School of Music but denied by the university?
A. Applying for acceptance by audition into the School of Music is a separate procedure from the University admissions process. You will need to contact our School of Music Academic Advisor, Corey Carpenter for assistance in appealing this decision.