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Artist Bosco Sodi's Installation "Muro" Sparked Public Participation and Discourse on the USF Campus

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Blake High School students begin to disassemble the wall

Blake High School students and others in attendance begin to dismantle "Muro."

On Thursday, January 24, Mexican Artist Bosco Sodi’s public installation Muro, or Wall, was erected in front of the USF Contemporary Art Museum.

The temporary installation comprised 1080 bricks made by Mexican artisans that were arranged to form a wall. Public attendees were then invited to disassemble the wall and take a piece of it home with them.

In the afternoon, students and families from the Hispanic Outreach Center in Clearwater and students from Blake High School arrived to experience and participate in disassembling the artwork. The event was open to the public and engaged others from the broader USF community.

Muro previously exhibited in New York and London before coming to the USF campus.

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