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University of South Florida

Skyway 20/21: Celebrating Artistic Practices in the Tampa Bay Region

This exhibition Skyway, A Contemporary Collaboration 20/21 requires effort. Well, all art endeavors request some form of effort from their audience, but Skyway is a diva. Those willing will end up visiting four museums – that’s a round trip drive of over 130 miles, crossing two long over-troubled-water bridges, through three counties, all during Florida’s hurricane season – layering the content and, as wine tasters would say, the “terroir” of the Skyway experience.

* Banner image: Installation view of Skyway 20/21 exhibition at USF Contemporary Art Museum. Left to right: works by Kodi Thompson, Cynthia Mason, Casey McDonough, Ry McCollough, Cynthia Mason, and Rosemarie Chiarlone.

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